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Li Degeng 李德庚

Designer, Curator, Art Director of the magazines Design Management, FRAME and MARK Chinese version, Academic Director of Design House of Today Art Museum (Today Design Museum), Lecturer at the visual communication department, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Birth Year : 1973
Birth Place : Shanxi
Current Residence : Beijing
Contact :


As an editor-in-chief, he has edited and designed two set of book series: "The European Design Now" and "Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherhlands", which have been proved to be the most influential contemporary design books in China and have also played a great role on designer of the contemporary Chinese youth's growth. His academic thesis has published in many publications such as "Domus", "Zhuangshi", "Art and Design", "C_D", "Forbidden City Magazine" and so on. He has been interviewed by many design and contemporary culture magazines and newspapers such as "Form", "Concept and Design Magazine", "Design", "Life Weekly", "Youth Weekend", "The Bund", "Guangzhou Daily", "Daily Sunshine" and so on.

Li Degeng has been a teacher at Tsinghua University since 2009. He is the Art Director of the magazines "Design Management", "FRAME" and "MARK" Chinese version since 2010 and he is the Academic Director of Design House of Today Art Museum (Today Design Museum) as well.

He has hold dozens of academic seminars and delivered lectures in Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, Nanjing Arts Institute and other universities. With several times in planning international programs, he has led to a number of School educational cooperation with Colleges of Fine Arts in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


He has repeatedly been invited to participate in international academic design symposiums. Moreover, he has attended as a judge, moderator or speaker in Ningbo International Poster Biennial, Social Energy, Icograda IDA world design congress Beijing and other forums.

2008 His "Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherlands" exhibitionsbecame the first large-scale exhibitions that appreciate the design of a Western country in Chinese perspective.
2009 He curated the exhibition"Design in China"
2010 the exhibition "Taking a Stance - 8 critical attitudes in Chinese and Dutch Architecture and Design"


2006 "The European Design Now"
2008 "Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherhlands"

《欧洲设计现在时》丛书 2004

社会能量展(成都站) 2008

设计的立场展(上海站) 2010